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Corporate Gifting

Our gifts help you answer the dreaded

question of “what do I get XYZ” and

instead help you share impactful gifts

that really wow.

Gifts that are memorable, personalized and

that leave a lasting impression.

Gifts that show your company’s uniqueness,

thoughtfulness, and attention to detail.



Ready to step away from the generic cellophane wrapped basket
and elevate your gifting game?

Download our corporate lookbook.

How Client Gifting Works

Gift Design

Looking for the perfect gift to share with employees, client onboarding, or to celebrate a special occasion or event? Browse our ready-to-go collection or have a gift tailored and personalized to your needs.

-Employee and client onboarding gifts

-Holiday gifting

-Event gifting (conferences/parties)

-Appreciation gifts

Gift Procurement

Let us take over gift procurement for you and check one more item off your list. We take care of sourcing high quality products from a variety of small-batch US makers and carefully package each gift.

-Speciality product curation

-Product fulfillment


-Quality control

Gift Delivery

Have gifts going to multiple locations? Not a problem, we can handle all your shipping needs and provide you with tracking numbers. Do you want gifts shipped out at various times throughout the year? Yes, our project managers will work with you to ensure each gift is sent out when you need it.

-Multiple location shipping or bulk shipments

-Easy tracking

-$12 flat rate shipping per gift

Interested in a complete custom gift design?

We’re here to help! Let us help you bring your gifting vision to life. Reach out and we can discuss what your gift vision and goals are for gifting. Custom gifts have a minimum quality of 10.

"Local Bliss has helped us simplify gifting to our clients.
We no longer are left scrambling looking
for gifts or have to spend time putting everything together.
The best part is our clients look forward to receiving gifts from us."

-Kristyna // JP &Associates Realtors

Elevate your corporate gifting.

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