Realtors rejoice! Easy and thoughtful closing gifts

Realtors Rejoice! Easy & Thoughtful Closing Gifts That Are Sure To Wow Clients

Realtors Rejoice Easy and thoughtful closing gifts


In the world of real estate, client relationships are everything. Juggling a busy schedule may leave you little to no time to build bonds and make lasting impressions with clients. As you already know, client referrals could mean the difference between surviving in the industry and thriving in the industry. One of the best ways to leave a client feeling good about your services is to provide them with a “closing gift”. If you are unsure of what to give or you don’t have time to shop, worry not! We have you covered!

So, what makes a good closing gift? In truth, the answer will vary based on your client. Here are some easy ideas that would make even the pickiest of clients say ‘Wow’. 

Curated Gift Boxes 

Although gift boxes have been around for a while, they have only recently evolved into a more personalized form of gift-giving. If you’re tired of the standard Harry and David gift boxes, we recommend Local Bliss Box, Local Bliss offers not only the personalization but also stunning locally sourced products from the “Lone Star State”. 

Some of their boxes include:


A Cheers To You box includes a whipped body mousse, stemless champagne flutes, spiced simple syrup, a gold and white bath bomb, and an air plant. It’s a gift worth celebrating over!



The Home Sweet Home Box includes sea salt caramels, whipped body moose, facial cleanser, an organic cotton hand towel, a rustic style soy wax candle, and an air plant. We love the variety of products!


The Sweetheart box includes chocolate-covered espresso beans, local honey,  apricot tea, rustic stylish candle, artisanal watermelon soap bar, tea infuser,  wooden honey dipper, and an air plant. We are obsessed!

Our favorite thing about these boxes is that it includes a handwritten thank you message as well as your own marketing materials! Gifting doesn’t get much easier, and classier than this!

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are a trend that isn’t going anywhere. If you put your client’s name on something can evoke a sense of pride. By choosing something to personalize that could be used daily, have a greater chance of making an impact. Some great gifts include:

Home sweet home wood sign

Barnyard signs like the ones from Sweetsignsoflife are perfect for clients who adore a rustic style home. Can you see this sitting above the fireplace of the home you just sold? Yeah, us too!

Personalized cutting boards like the ones from CDShardwoods on Etsy are sure to impress! We love the detail and unique finish of the wood. 

Welcome Mat

Welcome mats like the ones from Sip Hip Hooray are customizable, with fun seasonal mats as well! Every time your clients enter their home, they will be reminded of who helped them get it!

Adult Gifting

For a client that likes to enjoy an occasional drink, champagne is the perfect way to help facilitate a celebration! 

Winc’s a Bubbly Celebration is a great way to cheers to a triumph! This box includes champaign themed candies. Yum!

Champagne Bears

For clients who may not drink, we recommend some fun, non-alcoholic options, such as food or soda pop baskets!

Historic Gifts

For clients who can appreciate history a bit of history, we have just the closing gift!

World Map

For the client who loves their town, check out these town maps from Maps of the Past! We love gifts that show local pride!

Gifts for Families

When you are unsure of what to gift your clients, remember the things that they care about most. Do they have children? Pets? Getting a gift that everyone can enjoy. 

Check out some of these ideas:

Children's gift

If your buyers have children, we recommend checking out Kiwi Co for craft boxes. We love how they have age-appropriate boxes that include math and science crafts!

If your buyers have dogs, consider a one-time gift box selection. We like Bark Box for their quality and one of a kind toy designs. Each box includes boutique-style treats and toys for dogs of all sizes!

Bark Box Gift

We hope that these easy and thoughtful ideas help you provide a memorable experience with your clients. Cheers to growing your own business, one referral at a time!

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For more closing gifts and other pop-by gifts, check out Local Bliss’s website!